May 29, 2024

Retail Detail – Merchandiser Employee App



RDM utilizes “State of the Art” technology to manage all retail merchandising activities including routing and management of our retail personnel. The RDM Employee App allows both Associates, District Managers & Management to collaborate on retail client tasks in the Southeast USA. This allows for increased efficiency in job assigning, reporting, information gathering & analyzing to increase the execution of business goals for retail client base.




UX/UI Design


This company has employees who go into Retail stores and manage the displays seen in the stores, on behalf of the stores. The Employes, called Merchandisers, Currently use an outdated Web App to handle clock in, Accepting project assignments. Uploading project related task documents like Surveys & pictures and etc.

THEY USE PHYSICAL PAPER WHILE THEY DO THEIR JOB OUT IN THE RETAIL STORES. And they use the Web App online to upload pictures of the physical documents they fill out while on the job site and take pictures with their cell phone. And then upload to the current Web App.

The company wants a new digital solution using a mobile application. That will allow them to do away with physical paper forms and having to take pictures of the physical forms, upload pictures to the web app and use the website.


To create an internal software application for merchandiser employees that travel to retail stores. The App allows them to Fill Out & Submit Timesheets, Fill Out Surveys while on The Job Site, Take Pictures of Work Done, Get Customer Signatures & Geo Locates Them On Job Site for Clock In & Out. Captures Their Location.

The App should auto save any fields filled out, any photos uploaded & be able to allow users to upload pictures to the app while OFFLINE. So photos and information can be uploaded to the app when not connected to the Internet. Or Bad connections in the Retail Stores.

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